Is This Chair Taken? (A journey into developing a personal and professional coaching philosophy)

Is this chair taken?
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Well. So. It has finally started.

I have committed onto a new career path that I have been looking at for what seems now a very long time. I have been trekking the well worn safe and wide life path now for many years, never veering off too far and always in sight of safety. Its not that the other options were particularly hazardous or daunting, it was more that there wasn’t a lot people I knew who had tried that path or that I could see had come back unharmed and satisfied with the risk/reward outcome.

I cannot decide if my hesitation to try this new career path was due to my tendency to procrastinate, or my fear of failure, imposter syndrome impulses, my Myer Briggs Profile Type, or any other of the other numerous personality flaws that inhabit my conscious self – but I allowed myself to be easily talked out of heading in this new direction for a very long time.

It wasn’t that my career path or life in general had been unsatisfactory or disappointing. I have had a very rich career to date. Starting as a reluctant apprentice – progressing to an elite trades skill level, then to a career as a vocational teacher and educator, project manager, education director, business development director, board chairman, management consultant and entrepreneur. Managed to complete three university degrees whilst participating enthusiastically in making a large family and engaging in sports whenever I had the energy.

I should have been embracing retirement, grandchildren and working on my backswing and transition.

Except I couldn’t ignore the path not taken. This was the path to developing my own Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Organisation.

So who the hell am I to take to this path?

I have been a lifelong student of leadership studies, strategy and effective organisations. I also could reflect on my own leadership experiences and draw on several powerful themes and beliefs in which I believe true leadership is about service to others and more in line with eastern philosophy then the accepted leadership belief systems that bounce about in some modern organisations. I was also fascinated by how much leadership development became subject to “faddisms” and how little actual coaching occurred within organisations trying to leverage the competitive advantage of their staff.

I was lucky enough to also encounter two other kindred spirits who were also surveying the same path. Together we formed the Empresario Leadership Group and we are creating our own leadership development methodology from our collective professional and life experiences.

For my part it is to finally complete my Coaching Education and become an Internationally Certified Coach (ICF) and to develop the coaching practice and systems that will support the leadership development vision we are developing.

This blog will form part of our development process. A learning journal perhaps but also a chance to further develop the foundations of the leadership and coaching service organisation that will make a difference.

There was always going to be a nagging feeling about the path not taken.