Looking for the “Sliding Doors Moments” That Shape Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Have you ever wondered what sparks the fire within exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs? What transformative moment, that seemingly insignificant “sliding doors” event, propelled them into a different state of “being” that set them on a path of impact and influence? This is the very question at the heart of Empresario Group’s new research project, aptly titled “The Being Moment – when new Leaders and Entrepreneurs find belief”.

This new project has developed from extraordinary moments in our coaching and leadership practice, where the true essence of self-belief and desire to create and serve, that drives all effective leaders and entrepreneurs, suddenly steps into the light. It is always a memorable moment for us, and we often find that it is often the first time our clients have revisited that moment or realised its actual impact.

The most surprising thing is that what appears to be an ordinary moment, conversation, or experience that our clients have lived through thousands of times, suddenly becomes the spark to create a new future, to think and act differently, to develop new skills and habits to realise a different future. What has surprised us mostly is the utter mundane nature of the pivotable event. It wasn’t always a Tony Robbins Life Mastery Event, or a chance encounter with an inspirational mentor, often it was a simple walk on the beach, or a routine conversation with a colleague, or attendance at a school sporting event, someone commenting on their weight etc. Something that had happened to them before many times, easily handled by their filters and inner map of the world until it suddenly didn’t.

The heroic and influential books by the titans on personal growth and development consumed by an insatiable appetite for the meaning of life – introducing a new and better system to find and develop enlightenment and harness extraordinary personal growth development and success. Every book always begins with the often-traumatic circumstances and moments that motivated extraordinary change and growth.

One of our clients had their first real epiphany eating a bacon and egg burger in a smoko room with 10 other workers, another when watching Sir Ken Robinsons 2006 TED Talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity” viewed some 76.4 million times, another visiting an animal shelter and so on. Understanding the catalyst that drives entrepreneurs, business, and community leaders to create a new future is of course the Holy Grail to anyone seeking to provide more effective service and support when supporting personal growth, transitions, and new creations.

We are seeking to uncover the pivotal moments that ignited the desire in “normal people” to access their leadership drive and the type of learning, both formal and informal, that equipped them to navigate the transition.

We are going to pursue this thesis through our soon to be released Podcast “Is This Chair Taken?” which will also provide material for our book on “The Being Moment”.

We want the project to be a captivating exploration of the ordinary human experience, woven with the unique threads of individual stories. By immersing ourselves in the diverse narratives of these accomplished individuals, we gain a deeper understanding of the often-unseen forces that shape leadership potential.

Why 100 Conversations?

Firstly, we like the number because it sounds very dramatic. However, there is magic in the power of numbers. We want to have conversations with the broadest cross section of inspiring individuals we can in all domains where an individual’s commitment to leadership and service made a significant impact.

If one conversation can be insightful, a 100 conversations will paint a rich tapestry, revealing patterns, commonalities, and unexpected divergences. By gathering such a diverse range of perspectives, Empresario Group aims to move beyond individual anecdotes and uncover the bedrock that underpin exceptional leadership journeys.


The Intersection of Systems Leadership and Positive Intelligence:

As a systems leadership and positive intelligence coaching company, Empresario Group brings a unique lens to this research project. Systems leadership recognizes the interconnectedness of individuals, teams, and organizations, emphasizing the leader’s role in fostering collaboration and collective impact. Positive intelligence, on the other hand, focuses on harnessing the power of our mental models and emotions to navigate challenges and achieve goals. By weaving these concepts into the fabric of the project, “Is This Chair Taken” offers not just inspiring stories, but also practical tools and frameworks for aspiring leaders to cultivate their own positive intelligence and navigate the complexities of modern leadership.

Join the Conversation:

The research for “Is This Chair Taken?” is just beginning, and Empresario Group invites you to be a part of it. Share your own “sliding doors” moment by reaching out to us through our enquiries page on The Empresario Groups webpage https://theempgrp.com/.

What sparked your leadership journey? What learning experiences have been most transformative for you? By sharing your story, you contribute to a richer understanding of leadership and inspire others on their own paths.

Leadership isn’t about waiting for the perfect chair; it’s about having the courage to pull up any chair and make a difference. So, is this chair taken? Join us on this journey of discovery and unlock the leader within you.