The Positive Intelligence Coaching Framework for Executive Coaching

22nd April, 2024

Even though there are about as many approaches to executive coaching as there are executive coaches, at Empresario Group Coaching, we’re dedicated to empowering leaders using the most effective techniques and tools we can get our hands on. We know executives, CEOs and Boards face a unique set of challenges and can create a long laundry list of critical issues that have to be dealt with and we have been working with our clients using…

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Empresario Group Coaching and the Positive Intelligence Coaching Operating System

19th February, 2024

Empresario Group Coaching is now a Certified Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coaching operation. We have been using the PQ Operating System now for over 12 months and our clients are reporting impressive progress and results from the program in either our personal coaching sessions or through the 6 week PQ Ap based Program and book. We have used the Positive Intelligence Program for client coaching focusing on mental health and well-being, family and relationships, executives and…

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Looking for the “Sliding Doors Moments” That Shape Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

19th February, 2024

Have you ever wondered what sparks the fire within exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs? What transformative moment, that seemingly insignificant “sliding doors” event, propelled them into a different state of “being” that set them on a path of impact and influence? This is the very question at the heart of Empresario Group’s new research project, aptly titled “The Being Moment – when new Leaders and Entrepreneurs find belief”. This new project has developed from extraordinary moments…

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The first rule of coaching is that we must always talk about coaching

“The First Rule of Coaching is that we must always talk about Coaching.”

10th October, 2023

This thought came to me at the end of the first session with a client who had just taken on a new CEO role and was surprised to find himself suddenly struggling. He told me at the beginning of the session that he had only agreed to meet with me because I had been recommended by a mutual friend who was also a coaching client of mine. He was sitting with arms folded. He avoided…

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Value of Coaching Part 1

The Value of Coaching: Part 1.

14th January, 2023

My reading and research ever since I stumbled into a imposed leadership and coaching program nearly 15 years ago, continues to reinforce the generalised hypothesis that many Australian organisations, appear to completely misunderstand how leaders and leadership strengths are developed and nurtured. I am constantly surprised in my dealings with all kinds of organisations how poorly prepared many new managers are to deal competently with the significant challenges of management and how leadership and management…

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The path is coming into focus

The Path is coming into focus:

28th November, 2022

In my current coaching work, I have the privilege of working with a number of new entrepreneurs who are trying to set up low cap start ups. They all come from very different backgrounds and life experiences -none of whom fit the mental image of the typical entrepreneurial stereotype you form when someone announces themselves as an “entrepreneur”. They are also not looking to set up in the IT Industry, or in any new industry…

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Is this chair taken

So. What kind of Coach do I want to be?

18th November, 2022

This is my second post on my coaching journey and corresponds with my reading and my coaching practice development. This week I have been pondering the existential question “what is coaching?”. It is a question almost too obvious and too boring to consider out loud, however I have always started all of my significant projects with a couple of my favourite Stephen Covey’s principles “to begin with the end in mind” and “to first seek…

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Is this chair taken?

Is This Chair Taken? (A journey into developing a personal and professional coaching philosophy)

11th November, 2022

Well. So. It has finally started. I have committed onto a new career path that I have been looking at for what seems now a very long time. I have been trekking the well worn safe and wide life path now for many years, never veering off too far and always in sight of safety. Its not that the other options were particularly hazardous or daunting, it was more that there wasn’t a lot people…

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