The Positive Intelligence Coaching Framework for Executive Coaching

Even though there are about as many approaches to executive coaching as there are executive coaches, at Empresario Group Coaching, we’re dedicated to empowering leaders using the most effective techniques and tools we can get our hands on. We know executives, CEOs and Boards face a unique set of challenges and can create a long laundry list of critical issues that have to be dealt with and we have been working with our clients using the Positive Intelligence (PQ) System to achieve some effective results.

In our experience our executive coaching clients come to us through a range of different circumstances:

1. Executives who reach out for coaching because they feel stuck and frustrated.
2. Executives who want to develop their skill sets further and want specifically to improve their leadership and strategic thinking capabilities.
3. Executives who are tasked with undertaking a significant workplace transition or transformation.
4. Executives who are contemplating a change in career or wanting to change work/life balance.
5. Executives facing specific challenges, such as managing a difficult team dynamic, navigating a merger, or leading through a crisis – a coach can provide a sounding board and support system.
6. Executives who need to develop greater self-awareness and confidence.
7. Executives who have been recommended to try coaching by either the CEO, organisational HR, work colleagues, Board or their significant other.

Of course, the executive coach is not there to give all the answers to these issues but rather to create a space for the executive to discover their own solutions and unlock their full potential.

By providing a confidential space for clients to unearth their often-hidden, self-limiting negative thinking patterns through the PQ Saboteur Test reflection, we can build a coaching program based on targeted strategies, to support the executives with the tools and process they need to thrive in their demanding roles. An effective PQ Coaching Session is really only doing 2 things: raising awareness and helping to develop the plan to achieve the desired action or outcome.

To raise awareness using the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Saboteur assessments, we can work with the executive to identify their self-limiting negative thinking patterns that we follow up through asking powerful questions, sharing insights, new learnings and developing new patterns through the PQ exercises. Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of awareness that created them.” We use the PQ System to help leaders solve problems by introducing a new level of self-awareness as it leads to new pathway for positive change. Empresario Group Coaches achieve this through helping leaders craft and execute new approaches on specific, measurable actions in order to reach personal and business goals.

What is Positive Intelligence (PQ)?

PQ is a science backed coaching framework designed by Shirzard Chamine to build your mental fitness and emotional intelligence. It goes beyond traditional positive thinking by acknowledging the role of negative self-talk (your “Saboteurs”) and equipping you with tools to manage them. Imagine your mind as a muscle. PQ strengthens your ability to:

• Intercept Negative Thoughts: Learn to recognize the voice of your Saboteurs – the Judge, the Victim, the Controller, the Avoider, and the Hyper-Achiever.
• Activate Your Sage: Discover your inner “Sage,” the wise and resourceful part of you that can navigate challenges effectively.
• Boost Your PQ Score: The PQ program measures your mental fitness, allowing you to track your progress and celebrate improvements.

Why PQ for Executives?

Here’s how PQ Coaching can specifically benefit you as a leader:

• Enhanced Decision-Making: By quieting your Saboteurs, you gain clarity and make sounder decisions under pressure.
• Improved Stress Management: Learn to manage negativity and cultivate a more resilient mindset.
• Stronger Relationships: Effective communication and emotional intelligence are key to building trust and inspiring your team.
• Increased Productivity: PQ equips you to overcome procrastination and focus on high-impact tasks.
• Greater Personal Well-being: Reduce burnout and cultivate a more balanced, fulfilling life.

PQ Coaching at Empresario Group.

Empresario Group coaches are certified PQ practitioners. We’ll tailor the program to your specific needs, helping you identify your dominant Saboteurs and develop strategies to silence them. Through a combination of coaching sessions, practical exercises, and the PQ app, you’ll gain the tools to become a mentally stronger, more effective leader.
Ready to take your leadership to the next level?
Contact Empresario Group Coaching today to access the link for the free Saboteur Test and learn more about how Positive Intelligence Coaching can empower you to achieve your full potential. Invest in your mental fitness and watch your success soar.